So Good


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So Good is an Australia-based brand known for its non-dairy beverages. From almond milk to soy milk, the brand has a diverse range of products meant for people who want to, or are currently, living a more environment-conscious lifestyle. The Australian brand ventured into India to tap into the growing vegan and increasingly conscious urban population. Currently, its products are available across all major online and offline outlets.

Our association with So Good as its digital agency began with its decision to launch in India. With the influx of other non-dairy beverage brands in India, it was essential for So Good to have an impressive India launch. We handled their social media launch to build awareness about the product through different channels like YouTube advertising. In a short span of time, So Good has become the go-to non-dairy beverage brand for a lot of prominent personalities.

Circling back to the launch of So Good in India and the need to spread awareness about the brand. It was equally important to convert impressions and likes to sales. This is where we needed to be shrewd with our media planning. From customised ad sets to elaborare influencer campaigns, the aim was to make So Good a part of everyone's grocery lists. We dove deep into customer behaviour patterns and devised a media strategy that covered Google Search to Facebook and everything in between!

To say that our YouTube strategy did well would be an understatement. Targeting interested-based keywords, vegan recipes, healthy diets and more helped us reach out to an audience that was waiting for a brand like So Good! We achieved video views at as low as ₹0.2 and click-through to third party apps at ₹1!


  • E-commerce Sales on third party website


  • YouTube

  • Google Display

  • Google Search

  • Facebook


  • Awareness based Omni channel campaign

  • Topic based video marketing

  • Hyper-local targeted Ads

  • Cross selling

  • Influencer led growth strategy


  • For a 2-month period, sales via Online channel increased by 50% per month as compared to past month sales

  • Youtube got us the best results as keywords, channels, Topic and Interests and Recipe related spaces were targeted

  • Views were achieved as low as under INR 0.2 and clicks to the third-party website were achieved at around INR 1